Executive Summary

Bobalou's Billiards

Bobalou's Billiards is a now open business that is in Roseburg,
Oregon, aiming to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for individuals of all
ages and skill levels to learn, play, and compete in various billiards games. The
business will offer a unique recreational space, catering to the needs and interests
of individuals with varying levels of experience in billiards. The goal is to foster a
sense of community and provide a platform for people to remain active and
engaged in a fun way.

Bobalou's Billiards is dedicated to creating an environment that is safe, fun, and
inclusive for everyone. With a focus on education and outreach, the business plans
to offer programs for youth and elderly individuals to learn about billiards and its
many benefits. These programs will be tailored to meet the needs of each group,
and will be led by experienced house pros who have a high level of expertise in
billiards. These pros will also be available to offer one-on-one instruction and
coaching to anyone who wants to improve their skills.

In addition to providing top-notch billiards facilities and education, within a year or so Bobalou's
Billiards plans to expand its food options to include delicious burgers and other
grilled foods inside or by Food Truck. This will not only offer a convenient and satisfying dining option for
customers, but it will also add to the overall atmosphere of the business. The
founders hope that the food offerings will help to create a lively and entertaining
environment that keeps customers coming back for more.

The team behind Bobalou's Billiards has a strong passion for the sport and is
dedicated to creating a welcoming and engaging space for everyone to enjoy. With
an emphasis on community-building and inclusivity, the business plans to host
regular events and tournaments that will bring people together from all walks of
life. These events will be an opportunity for individuals to showcase their skills,
meet new people, and have a great time.